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Emergency Dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana


Dr. Mario Pary dentistDental emergencies almost never seem to happen during regular business hours. Chipped teeth, tooth ache, and countless other conditions can strike at any time, significantly impacting your life by disrupting your normal activities and causing you misery. At Smile Dental Center in Shreveport, Dr. Mario Pary can help. His practice is happy to offer emergency help to all patients, as his most important principle is providing all necessary oral care for a happier, healthier life.


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We’re Here When You Need Us

Dr. Pary understands the frustrating fact that dental emergencies arrive at inconvenient times, so he and his team strive to be available and accessible as much as possible. He is willing to work with your own busy schedule to help you get the care you need at the most opportune time.  Despite a large patient load, Dr. Pary gladly accepts walk-ins to the family dentistry center and encourages patients to contact him about emergency care at any time.  Regular appointments and questions can be handled online as well and he keeps a phone line specifically for dental emergencies. He is dedicated to his practice, and fosters a compassionate environment of commitment to the patients that come in on a daily basis with the attitude that “We will stay after hours for you.”

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Services That You Need

Dr. Pary runs a comprehensive dentistry practice, and can provide an extensive array of oral surgery and serious dental work. He has advanced training in orthodontics, implants, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry, equipping him to handle complications of orthodontia and other procedures. Dr. Pary can handle many of your dental issues on site. His specialized training also makes him skilled at restorative work needed due to accident and injury. Upholding a full practice, he is able to see through on all your follow-up care. There’s a reason that Dr. Pary is one of the best dentists in Shreveport for emergency dental care.

Interested in Supportive Outcomes

Dr. Pary is concerned with more than just your immediate needs, even in an emergency. He takes time to understand underlying causes that may have contributed to your current predicament and wants to work with you to correct the pressing issues and give you relief, while creating a long term plan for your oral health that prevents emergencies in the future. You are not just a case to Dr. Pary, but an individual whose values and lifestyle should be taken into consideration when offering treatment options. Dr. Pary maintains that “we are the yes practice,” meaning he intends to reach out to you and accommodate your needs as a patient instead of turning you away.

While it might not be the most ideal conditions under which to start a professional relationship, Dr. Pary’s emergency dentistry could be a more long term intervention for your oral health, giving you a rescue from your dental troubles and setting you on a healthier path that improves your quality of life.


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