CPAP Alternatives

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Hate using your CPAP?

Not comfortable or convenient?

You are not alone.

A: While the CPAP machine is definitely the most proven and effective medical device out there for people with sleep apnea, approximately 25-50% don’t or won’t use it, for a variety of reasons.

We still urge all patients to try all the different combinations they can of different mask sizes and styles of CPAP, there are some that are much better than others and more convenient. It is not too dramatic to say that CPAP may just save your life. But for far too many people, they just cant get used to it, can’t sleep with it, and its just not for them.

If you find yourself in this category, or want something smaller, easier, and easier to travel with, there are several approved devices that we can fit you with that greatly help with giving you unobstructed breathing. Note that unobstructed breathing is not exactly the same thing as true sleep apnea, where the patient can just stop breathing even with unobstructed airways. Nevertheless, these devices are not that expensive and can greatly help your breathing at night, and even reduce apneas quite a bit in many patients.

Want a rundown of the best options available for you?

The first most important step is to schedule with us to come in and let us check your airways. We can do this anytime or in conjunction with other dental procedures, or just a basic exam. Then depending on what we find, we can recommend or get an inexpensive device custom made for you.

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