Dental Fillings

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A cavity is simply an area of decay on your tooth. Left untreated, it can grow into a bigger problem like an abscessed tooth. That’s why regular checkups with your dentist are so important. Visiting Smile Dental Center every six months for a professional cleaning and thorough exam can help prevent and detect cavities while they’re small and easily treated.  

So You Need A Dental Filling?

If you’re between dental visits be sure to call our office if you notice any symptoms of a cavity such as…

  • A noticeable spot of discoloration on your tooth surface
  • A pit or hole in your enamel
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages
  • Persistent tooth discomfort
  • Food catching in your teeth

Our friendly office staff is always available to help. We offer same day appointments and a 24-hour emergency call service.  

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

Compared to traditional, silver amalgam restoration, Composites offer many advantages that make them the preferred choice of many dentists, including Dr. Pary.

Composite tooth restorations are more attractive than Amalgams. Custom-blended to match the color of your natural tooth, they are practically invisible. When you smile or laugh, you want to be noticed for your pearly whites and not the flash of your silver fillings.

Silver Amalgams require healthier tooth structure to be removed for them to be properly placed. They also contract with changes in temperature, potentially fracturing your tooth over time. By choosing stable Composites, more of your healthy tooth is kept intact and strengthened to restore the natural function of your smile.

Did you know that Amalgam fillings contain harmful mercury? Over time, trace amounts can leach from silver restorations into the surrounding oral tissue. White fillings are mercury-free, making them the safer, healthier choice.

Call Today!

If you suspect that you have a cavity, don’t wait for your small problem to become a bigger one. Give our Shreveport office a call right away!