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Root Canal Treatment

“Endodontics” refers to treatment of the nerve tissues and chamber inside of a tooth. Generally, the endodontic procedure that most people are familiar with is root canals.

“Most people are scared of root canals. I tell them that most of the pain people associate with a root canal is the pain that comes from having a dead or infected tooth. Once we go in and remove the nerve, all of a sudden their pain is resolved.” – Dr. Pary

It’s not the actual root canal that hurts – it’s the need for a root canal that hurts. In most situations, general dentist Dr. Pary recommends endodontic treatment on teeth that have experienced:

  •       Deep cavities
  •       Large fractures or cracks
  •       Abscesses
  •       Failing, large fillings
  •       Hypersensitivity or severe pain

“I’ve gone through a lot of training for root canal therapy to make the process as predictable as possible. Most of my patients’ root canals are done here in the office instead of being referred out to a specialist.” – Dr. Pary

Dr. Pary uses magnification equipment to visually enhance the area inside of your tooth that he is working on. During the procedure, he makes a small hole at the top of the tooth and then removes the infected or damaged nerve tissues inside. After the nerve chamber is thoroughly cleaned, he medicates it and seals it off to prevent any type of reinfection.

After your root canal, Dr. Pary will recommend placing a crown over the tooth to protect the soon-to-be brittle enamel. Each of our crowns is customized to blend in with your other teeth, so that no one will notice anything has been done.

“A lot of my patients choose to be sedated or ‘put to sleep’ during their root canal, and that’s ok. Once it’s over they’re thrilled with how easy it was!” – Dr. Pary

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